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 26 March 2015

Blog Series: How to choose the Best Electric Bike for You

Episode 1

Choosing the best electric bike — one which suits your needs — can be over-
whelming. That’s why we have decided to create a short series of tips which will
make it easy for you to choose the best electric bike for you.

1) The battery of your eBike


The battery is the most expensive part of an eBike and it is very important to pick
the right battery. But what do you need to look out for?

A) The battery type: Lead acid or Lithium?

Simply put, lead acid batteries are an old technology only used in a low-end eBike.
They are cheap but they have some major disadvantages. First of all, they can be
sensitive if they are charged when they are not completely empty; they are heavy;
and, most unfortunately,  they need to be replaced very quickly   because they don't
last for many charge cycles. The technology is also considered bad for the environment,
due to the lead and acid content. While it may be tempting to buy a cheap lead acid
battery eBike, they will turn out to be very costly in the long run — both for the earth
and your bank balance.

The best electric bike battery choice, in the long term is a lithium battery. They are
lightweight and last for hundreds of charge cycles, so they don't have to be replaced
any time soon. They are also not very sensitive and can be charged at any time —
you don't need to wait till your eBike battery is completely empty to be able to charge it.
They are also considered more environmentally friendly since they don't contain lead or acid.

Summary: Lithium batteries are better value in the longterm.

B) The capacity: how far can you go with one charge?

It is quite easy to tell how far your eBike can go with one charge. Every battery has
a number for it’s capacity, e.g. 10Ah or 16Ah.  The capacity of the eBike battery tells
you how far you can go on the eBike with one charge. As a rule of thumb you can
go up to 50km with a 10Ah battery and up to 80km with a 16Ah battery. Most users
will find that a 10Ah battery on their eBike suits their purpose, but if you would like
to go further and charge the battery less often, then a 16Ah battery may be your
best electric bike choice.

It is also important to keep in mind how the range is calculated. The range is how far
you can go on the bike with one charge. As a rule of thumb it is based on a 70kg rider
on the flat with pedal assist. If your area has lots of hills, or if the rider is considerably
heavier than 70kg, the range will be reduced — that should be factored in when
choosing the best electric bike for your purpose.


  • Choose 10Ah batteries for up to 50km range

  • Choose 16Ah batteries for up to 80km range

  • Hills and riders considerably more heavy than 70kg will reduce the range.

C) The voltage. 36V or 24V?

As a rule of thumb, a higher voltage will give the eBike a better performance
and torque. Let’s say you are comparing two eBikes with the same 250w motor
wattage, and the same battery capacity. One is 10Ah and one runs on a 36V
system. The other runs on a 24V eBike battery. The 36V eBike is considered
the best electric bike out of the two, because of its higher voltage.

Summary: 36V is better than 24V

D) Is the battery safely locked into the bicycle frame and can the battery be
removed with a key?

eBike battery

Picture: Lithium Battery with opening for charger

As the battery on your eBike is the most precious part of the eBike, it is
important that the battery can only be removed if you have a key. This
prevents the battery from being stolen, meaning you would lose your
eBike’s most valuable component.


It is also important to be able to remove the battery  with a key, as it gives
you the choice to charge it in other places, for example in your office. It
gives you the flexibility to take the battery out for example when you are
parking or transporting the eBike. It will make it easier to lift the eBike,
for example onto a carry rack on your car.

Summary: A battery should be removable, and you should be able
to lock it with a key.

We hope this blog entry provided some value information about choosing
the best electric bike for you.

Happy Cycling!
The Leitner Electric Bike Team

10 Oct 2014

Discover cycling tracks with Electric Bikes in Brisbane!

Best Electric Bike
Electric Bikes Brisbane along the riverfront  image courtesy of

Discover the beauty of Brisbane and ride an electric bike along the boardwalk
of the riverfront, with views across the city, cruise along ferries travelling up the
river and re-discover Brisbane’s magic.

Brisbane’s network of bicycle paths extends throughout most suburbs and trips
can be planned conveniently with Google Maps.
Is there a better way to spend your weekend than immersing into Brisbane’s
tropical landscape on an electric bike - without sweating?

How about crossing Ted Smout Bridge, visiting Redcliffe and riding to Deception
Bay? Visit Cottonwood Walk or go boating and fishing, have a BBQ or picnic. Or
put your folding electric bike into your car, drive to Manly and cruise along the
esplanade, enjoy a picnic and have a barbie with a freshly caught fish. The reasons
for riding electric bikes in Brisbane are countless!

Another worthwhile trip is Kedron Brook. Brisbane City has recently upgraded
this place for cyclists. It runs along the nature corridor from Kedron Brook. It is
mostly concrete paths with a few sections that connect to back roads. It’s quite
a nice route, also because motor vehicle traffic in these sections is extremely
rare. Catching a train to either Toombul or Mitchelton railway stations brings you
close to Kedron Brook cycling trails - 300 meters to get there. It’s easy travelling
and the entire trip from Toombul to Mitchelton can be done in about 90 minutes.
A nice place to have a picnic is Mercer Park. It has plenty of shelters and even
some walking trails.

Another insider’s tip: Boondal wetlands is a must visit! A 13 kilometre roundtrip,
with swamps, grasslands mangroves and the Anne Beasley Lookout is the
cherry on top of the cake.

We hope these suggestions helped.

Enjoy riding your Electric Bikes in Brisbane!

The Leitner Electric Bikes Team


1 Oct 2014

Explore new cycling trails with your Electric Bike in Melbourne

 Electric Bikes Melbourne
Discoving Melbourne with your Ebike. Image: Anne-Marie, Melbourne

According to the Bicycle Plan 2012-16, the City of Melbourne offers a plan
for a safer and more enjoyable cycling experience. In fact, Melbourne has
a lot to offer for cyclists! There is a vast network of bicycle lanes and bike
trails throughout Melbourne and its surroundings. Discover new cycling
routes with your electric bike in Melbourne:  Ebikes  take the effort out of
cycling and make the ride more enjoyable. At the push of a button an
invisible force propels you forward and you don't need to sweat unless
you choose to.

This comes in handy especially when you are commuting to work with
your electric bike in Melbourne's streets. There is no need for you to
change clothes because you will arrive at work dry - no sweating. Also
for the recreational user it is a great way to de-stress after a long day
at work and to enjoy the outdoors on weekends. Not having to put in
that much effort into cycling makes riding an electric bike so much fun.

You will find that you will use your electric bike in Melbourne way more
often as compared to a push bike. This will have surprising consequences
for your health. Without even realizing it, electric bikes will improve your
stamina and your conditioning. Who would have thought! The reason is
that the motor is activated by pedalling. That's how you exercise on the
electric bike. It is way easier to get around as compared to a push bike
but at the same time you still need to pedal a little bit - and your body
will be grateful for it.

If you want to find electric bike trails in Melbourne, then you can visit
these useful resources.

Go to Bigyak, Bikepaths, Melbourne’s official cycling site,
Bikemap, and mapmyride. In addition, a couple of very popular Melbourne
electric bike routes are:


- Along the beach from St. Kilda to Sandringham
- The Kooyong trail and along Yarra River.


 And last but not least one of the most powerful tools to find electric bike
lanes and trails in Melbourne is Google Maps.


  1. Go to
  2. Type in “Maps”
  3. Click on “Google Maps”
  4. Click  at the white search tab and you’ll see a drop down menu, a few
    rows below, where it says “getting around”
  5. Click on “bicycling” and it will show you all bike trails (dark green) and
    bicycle lanes (light green) and bicycle friendly roads (dotted lines).




You can use this to plan your trip with Google Maps. Just make sure to
click the bicycle symbol to the right of the Car symbol on top and Google
Maps will even tell you exactly the distance, the difference in altitude and
the time you’ll need. Probably you’ll be a bit quicker on an electric bike.

Enjoy riding your Electric Bike in Melbourne!


The Leitner Electric Bikes Team


1 Jan 2014

Keep fit in 2014 with electric bikes – no license required!


Best Electric Bike Sydney - Photo: Greta Elster Yarrawarrah/Sydney

No more huffing and puffing!
Have you ever wondered why you were huffing and puffing cycling
up that hill and how that bloke managed to overtake you without
much effort? Well he might have been on an electric bike without
you even noticing it!

A healthy surprise.
Cheater? Some may call him a cheater but have a good think abou
t this: What’s better for health? Riding an electric bike or not riding
a bike at all because it’s too much effort, especially going up those

The answer is clear: The electric bike rider wins! It may be a surprise,
but riding electric bikes helps to keep fit. And here is why: Modern
electric bikes let you choose exactly how much the motor will assist
- at the push of a button. Push “high assistance” and you’ll be the one
overtaking the push bikes. If you feel like a bit of exercise push “medium
or low assistance” or even switch the motor off completely and use it
like a push bike.

Swap it, don’t stop it! Sounds familiar? Try to swap your push bike
for an electric bike and you’ll be surprised how it will put the fun back
into cycling. Modern eBikes handle and look just like bicycles and
can be serviced at any good bicycle shop. The electric parts are
actually maintenance free.

Buy your electric bike online and save.

So how much are modern electric bikes? It depends on where you
buy them. Quality bikes are about $2,000 in shops but if you’re after
a real bargain try shopping online.

Why are they cheaper online? Paying rent for a shop and paying
sales staff is expensive. Online sellers don’t have to do that and
can therefore pass the savings on to the customer.

The best prices are offered by factory-direct online sellers, like
Melbourne based They cut out the middlemen
and can therefore offer the bikes for under $1,000 – same quality
as in shops. The bikes will be delivered to your door and they are
easy to assemble. You also get after sales support should you need it.

A few tips when buying electric bikes:

1)Make sure they come with extras: mudguards, chain-guard, stand,
front and rear lights, bell and rear-rack should be included. You can
easily end up spending over $150 if you don’t watch out and buy a
bike without the extras.

2)Make sure they have front suspension, otherwise your ride will be bumpy.

3)Buy eBikes with Lithium batteries. These are the good ones.
Old-fashioned lead acid batteries are cheap, but will die faster
and will end up costing you more in the long run. Not to mention
that lead acid is bad for the environment.

4)Make sure your eBike is powerful. You want to go up that hill in a
breeze! The motor should be 250 Watts, the batteries should be 36V
and at least 10Ah. Any values lower than that means the bikes are
slower uphill and won’t go far on one charge.

5)Take care: only bikes with a motor up to 250 Watts can be used
on a road and don’t require a license. Bikes with more than 250
Watts are normally meant for off-road use only.

Good for the environment and good to your wallet!
Did you know that your eBike is also good to your wallet? A full charge
costs only about 15 cents a quality e Bike goes for about 50 km with
a charge. Just plug them into your power-point at home. Looking at
the current petrol prices that’s real cheap and you’re even doing
something good for the environment – there are no emissions.

Leitner eBikes come in different models: city bikes, step-through bikes
which are easy to mount and even folding bikes which fit into most car
boots. For more info about electric bikes go to

Happy cycling!

The Leitner Electric Bikes Team